What are Oracle Poggz?
   Oracle Poggz are a divination tool, similar to that of rune or charm casting, inspired by the game of pogs. Pogs are small cardboard discs, popularized in the 90s for collection and trade. They are essentially game pieces that can be won by another player. 
   When MoonPumpkin was inspired to create Oracle Poggz in 2019, the goal was to keep the collectible spirit alive by producing a "starter deck" (a small backpack containing 24 discs with a guide book and a slammer), and also producing special edition art cards containing 6 discs each that can be added to the backpack for additional messages during divination. 
Buy the Oracle Poggz starter deck and special editions here!
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Lyric Sheets and resources for the Oracle Poggz 90's Music Edition!
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