As the producer of divination tools that are modernized and forward thinking, I often invite the querent to look within and be willing to grow and change with an ever-shifting universe. The original Oracle Poggz deck calls us to speak out, to fight injustice, to heal, to dismantle toxic practices and to celebrate each other. With each edition, the theme of radical change continues to present itself.

If you are a fan of my work, you are a fan of self-scrutiny, activism and empowering yourself and others to make great changes for the better.

With all that being said, Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, Free Palestine, Trans Lives Matter, Disabled Lives Matter, Queer Lives Matter, Femme Lives Matter, Abolish the Police and Prison Systems, Abolish Ice, Abolish Boarders. 

In Solidarity,
Colleen Weaver a.k.a. MoonPumpkin
Art. Love. Magic.
   MoonPumpkin (a.k.a Colleen Dream Weaver) is a creative, witch activist who loves Halloween and is constantly dreaming up ways to connect the old with the new.
   Colleen is the creator of Oracle Poggz (a nostalgic divination tool for the modern mystic) and the owner of MoonPumpkin Effects
(a New York-based creationary for special makeup effects, puppets and toys).

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Colleen Dream Weaver
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Base Occupied Arapahoe Territory a.k.a. Denver, CO